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Your reliable our technology, professionalism and sincerity

Long-Established Brand Grows with You

JMEC was founded in 1980. At the beginning of the brand's establishment, it coincided with the Taiwan Economic Miracle. Many manufacturing factories were established. JMEC starts research, development industrial air equipment and production with its precise industrial sense of smell. Numerous end user had improved working environment, improve efficiency, witness the development and glory of Taiwan's manufacturing industry. It has been the largest manufacturer of compressed air purification equipment in Taiwan and has been distributed throughout China and Asia Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea.

Reliable Service & Sustainable operation

"Innovation, stability, and optimism" are the business culture of JMEC. We are constantly pursuing technological innovation in our products, insisting on product development cycles that are shorter than those in the industry, and constantly researching and developing more evolved products to meet the ever-changing industrial needs.

JMEC upholds a stable business philosophy and fully pays attention to product development, distribution and after-sales service. Cultivating localization while promoting globalization.

The founder's optimism of personalities and people-oriented management attitude has imperceptibly influenced the entire company, created a warm understanding of the team, created excellent internal centripetal force and cohesion, and gave birth to the unanimous consensus of all employees sincerely serving customers.

Continuous innovation to create the best industrial solution

JMEC continuously improves the product's function and appearance through the exploration of industrial applications such as dust, humidity, heat dissipation, and space limitations. We have the most advanced fully automated production equipment, combined with rationalized process and multi-level quality control system and our own R&D team, through one-stop production R&D process, we can also create high-quality industrial solutions.

At the same time, we actively pay attention to the future trend of green energy, and continue to develop air compression technology that is more energy-efficient, non-burdened, and environmentally friendly. In addition to saving costs for customers, we can jointly realize the vision of improving the world.